Dual Enrolment

Dual Enrolment

The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) provides high school students with opportunities for early access to technical and vocational programmes. Thanks to Dual Enrolment, students get a head start on their technical or vocational careers by taking technical and vocational courses at BTVI while in high school. Upon graduation from high school, these students enter the workforce with employability skills or matriculate directly into a BTVI certificate, diploma or degree programme.

Who should take advantage of Dual Enrolment?

Students in grades 10, 11 and 12 who:

  • want to get a head start on their technical or vocational careers;
  • want an early start their college careers;
  • want a seamless transition directly from high school into a BTVI certificate, diploma or degree programme.

How do students register for Dual Enrolment?

  1. Students need the written consent of their parent or legal guardian.
  2. Students must upload a completed Dual Enrolment Application for Admission to the Admissions Department via the BTVI web portal along with the following:
  • Letter of consent from parent/legal guardian and a copy of the parent’s/legal guardian’s government-issued photo identification
  • Copy of the relevant pages of a valid e-passport displaying the expiration date and personal information including the student’s complete name and date of birth or a copy of a valid certificate of identity
  • Copy of National Insurance Board (NIB) Smart Card
  • Valid Police Certificate (issued within the previous 6 months)
  • Official high school transcript
  • Copies of any academic certificates (BJC, BGCSE, SAT, CXC or others)
  • Completed BTVI medical form
  • Receipt for payment of the non-refundable BTVI application processing fee

Once accepted into BTVI, high school students can take technical and vocational courses. Course credits earned through Dual Enrolment will be applied towards the relevant BTVI certificate, diploma or degree programme.

For more information about Dual Enrolment, contact the Academic Administration Department at [email protected].