Affiliations & Partnerships

Affiliations & Partnerships

Affiliations and partnerships provide beneficial opportunities for students, faculty, companies and educational stakeholders.

While the primary goal of most partnerships is to generate talent to meet the current or future needs of a company or academic institution, associations also facilitate and spark student interest in specific careers through experiential learning experiences and job placement.

At BTVI, partnerships and affiliations benefit the overall mission of the institute. Through partnerships, we are able to build a skilled talent pool for the national workforce while strengthening curricula and programmes to meet specific industry needs or develop specific skills. Additionally, it is through industry partnerships that BTVI is able to achieve initiatives like the workforce readiness training and internship and apprenticeship opportunities.

Educational partnerships benefit students and instructors both of whom gain cultural awareness and acquire diverse educational experiences. Additionally, students have the opportunity to earn transfer credits.

BTVI has benefitted from over 60 national and international partnerships. Specifically, BTVI has a long-standing history with the Canadian Global Affairs programmes sponsored by the Government of Canada. In the recent past, more than 30 students and some ten instructors have traveled to various parts of Canada for study exchange or research tours. Additionally, in 2019, BTVI entered into a partnership agreement with the U.S. Embassy in The Bahamas to establish an Education USA Advising Center at the New Providence Campus. This partnership aims to provide enhanced public services to promote higher education.

Through the Office of Student Affairs, BTVI is working to renew those partnerships that expired due to closures as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and is seeking to forge new partnerships that continue to advance its mission and vision.