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Job Placement

The Job Placement Department offers students the following services:

JOB SERACH & PLACEMENT: Students are assisted in obtaining part-time employment while concentrating on their studies and full-time employment after graduation from the institution.

RESUME’ REFERRALS: Once your resume’ is completed and approved, the Job Placement Department will ensure that it is sent out to a number of businesses/firms and companies in an effort to assist you in your job search.

INTERNSHIP TRAINING: Each student must participate in an internship/practicum experience. The internship is coordinated through the Job Placement Department. Students are to register for the internship when they are registering for their last campus-based class.

A grade will be granted upon completion of the experience. In the event that the grade is below a “C”/2.00, the student will have to repeat the experience.

NOTE: Students with holds on their accounts will not be allowed to register for internship.

JOB REFERENCE LETTERS: Job Reference letters are available to students upon request. These letters are based on the responses from the companies during internship/practicum experiences.

NOTE: Students with holds on their accounts will not be allowed to obtain a job reference letter. Upon graduation ALL students are expected to leave a current resume with the Placement Area.