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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What programs do you offer?

Associate of Applied Science Degrees:

1. Business Office Technology
2. Office Administration
3. Electronics Engineering Installers & Repairers
4. Construction Technology
5. Information Technology Management

MULTIPLE Certificate Courses:

1. Electronics & Cable Installation
2. Office Assistant
3. Plumbing
4. Electrical Installation
5. Carpentry

1. Auto Mechanics
2. Cosmetology
3. Fashion Design II
4. Massage Therapy

Short Professional Development Courses (PDCs) are offered each semester, lasting no more than 10-12 weeks. They differ each semester, but have previously included:

Marketing Basics
Basic Sewing
Marine Outboard Engine Repair
Face Care & Makeup Application
Project Management etc.

2. What are the requirements to gain access to BTVI?

• Must be 16 years old (with parental consent letter) or older
• Proof of citizenship (E-passport/Passport of citizenship) or certified copy of E-passport (first four pages)
• Certified copy of permit (international students) from the Department of Immigration
• Certified copy of NIB Smart card
• Current police record
• Certified copies of academic certificates; must bring in originals
• An official college/university/ high school transcript along with course outlines for courses in which a student would like to apply for a Transfer of Credit
• Completed BTVI medical form
$25 application processing fee (non-refundable)

Please note these additional requirements for programs:

Certificate course entry: BJC Math and English (C or above). If prospective students do not have the pre-requisites for entry, they will be required to sit a placement exam. The placement exam assesses students in Basic Math and English (multiple choice) on scheduled Fridays between 9 am and 1 pm.
• Students who do not have the pre-requisites for entry will be placed in our Tech Prep program to strengthen their foundation.

Associate’s degree entry: BGCSE English and Math (C or above). Students who do not have the pre-requisites for entry will be placed in our Tech Prep program to strengthen their foundation.

3. How much does BTVI cost?

It varies. An eight-week Basic Sewing course costs $400, a 12-week Master Plumbing License course costs $1,000, while a certificate or diploma ranges between $2,500 and $3,000 for the entire program. An associate’s degree ranges between $6,000 and $7,000 for the program, depending on whether international certifications are involved.

For details about tuition and fees, please contact our Finance department at 502-6300.

4. Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. A 50% deposit on your bill is required. The Finance department informs you of when the balance is due. However, please note that payment plans are not allowed during the summer semester, which is shorter than the fall and spring semesters.

5.What types of financial aid are available?

• BTVI’s Financial Aid Program
• Private Scholarships
• Government’s Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) Scholarship
• Department of Social Services and Community Development

For more information, contact our Financial Aid Officer at 502-6318 or our Fund Development department at 502-6321.

6. What programs do you offer on the Family Islands?

It varies. In Abaco (Patrick Bethel High School), we offer:

• Single Phase Electrical
• Acrylic Nails
• Office Procedures etc.

For more information, call the toll free number: 242-300-3135

In Andros (Huntley Christie High School), we offer several courses inclusive of:

• Office Assistant
• Carpentry
• Electrical Installation

For more information, call 329-2322

7. Can my credits be transferred to other institutions?

Individual institutions ultimately make this decision. However, we have had BTVI students and graduates, who have matriculated to other institutions of higher learning that have accepted their credits, including but not limited to the University of The Bahamas; Fanshawe College (Canada); Holland College, (Canada); New England Institute of Technology (Rhode Island, USA) etc.

How will I know I've been accepted?
Staff will contact prospective students via phone call or email to inform them that an acceptance package is available. However, it is recommended that prospective students follow-up on their applications as well, by calling the Admissions office at 502-6338 or 502-6379.

8. How do I sign into the Web Portal to view my grades?

- Log on to the web portal by going to Go to My BTVI and click on Web Portal
- Click on Student Records
- Click on Grades

You also have the option of going directly to the web portal’s link:

9. How do I register online?

Students have the opportunity to register online from wherever they are able to gain Internet access:

* Go to
* Log onto your student account with your username and password
* On the Home page go to:
- Current Filter Settings
- Select ‘Change’
- Select the drop box ‘Term’ to change the term for which you wish to register

* Go to :
- Student Records
- Registration
- Select ‘Register’

* Select your campus location (e.g. Nassau or Freeport)
* Select ‘Search’
* Then ‘Add Courses’ (Please ensure you select the approved courses from your Advisement form).
* Click ‘Register'

10. How do I get a new student ID card after misplacing my current one?

A student ID can only be taken once there is proof of payment for classes. After you register and then pay for classes at the Finance office, request to also pay for a replacement ID ($10). You then take the receipt to the Admissions and Registrar’s office, where you will be issued a replacement ID.

11. Are students covered by insurance?

Yes, students are covered by insurance. It is included within the registration fee each semester.

12. Can I study more than one course simultaneously?

Yes, you can study several courses at a time, but they all will be under one program/major. You cannot study Carpentry and Electrical Installation at the same time or Cosmetology and Fashion simultaneously.

13. Can I choose where I want to do my internship?

You are given the opportunity to secure your own internship placement, but it has to be approved by Student Affairs for accountability purposes and to ensure the company is legitimate. Ultimately, Student Affairs makes the decision on internship placement.