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Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office handles applications and provides information and assistance for students applying for scholarships and/or grants. Students in financial need should make application for financial assistance. All completed applications are properly screened and thoroughly investigated by the Financial Aid Committee whose recommendations are forwarded to and considered by the Financial Aid Officer.

The following services are administrated from the Financial Aid Office, in consultation with the Student Affairs Department:

This is when a student is eligible for on-campus employment. The funds are intended to assist the students in defraying their financial needs.

This is a financial grant for students with financial needs. Students from all programmes of study are eligible to apply. The financial assistance provided takes the form of tools, kits and/or books.

Scholarships are available to individuals who meet the academic eligibility requirements stipulated for the various scholarships. Additional scholarship information can be obtained at the Financial Aid Office.

Some of our industry partners provide scholarships for named students. The Financial Aid Office will inform the recipients.

All applications are held in the strictest confidence.